Spring Mom to Mom Sale


Spring Mom to Mom Sale
Next Sale: Cancelled due to Covid-19

9am to 12pm


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Thornhill United Church

25 Elgin Street
Thornhill, Ontario

Map to the Church

$2.00 admission

  • Lots of space!

  • Over 35 vendors!

  • Free parking!

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What is a Mom to Mom sale?

Children grow very quickly.  Many parents wonder what to do with all the “stuff” that their children no longer fit into, or use.  The Mom to Mom Sale provides parents with an opportunity to sell their gently used baby and children’s items. It’s a perfect way to clean out those closets, dressers and toy boxes and make some extra money at the same time.  The sale is intended for selling children’s items only.  You will not find pots and pans at the Mom to Mom Sale!  The sale is like a garage sale, but instead of using your driveway, you rent a table and sell your stuff with us. It’s a wonderful way to sell your items to a targeted audience, plus we help with the advertising!  Parents work their own table and take home 100% of their profits.

How frequently is the Mom to Mom Sale held?

The Mom to Mom Sale is held twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

How do I get to the Sale?

The Spring Mom to Mom Sale is held at Thornhill United Church, located at 25 Elgin Street in Thornhill.  Please find a map here:

Hot Ticket Items:

Clothes….Oh so many clothes!  The better the quality, the better they sell.

Toys, Toys, Toys… You name it, it sells!

Large Toys…kitchens, work benches, playhouses, table & chair sets, easels, etc.

Outdoor Toys…slides, basketball nets, ride on toys, bikes, wagons, skates, etc.

Baby Equipment…strollers, high chairs, jolly jumpers, exersaucers, swings, playpens, etc.


Why is there an admission fee?

For admission to the Mom to Mom Sale, customers are asked to pay $2.00 at the door.  All proceeds raised at the front door are donated to Yellow Brick House Women’s Shelter.


What are the table rental fees?

Regular Table – $35.00 (Standard 8′ table and one chair)

Premium Table Option 1 – $45.00 (Standard 8′ table, one chair, plus one built in clothing rack)

Premium Table Option 2 – $45.00 (Standard 8′ table, one chair, plus one additional smaller table)

Premium Table Option 3 – $45.00 (Standard 8′ table, one chair, plus extra floor space)

Premium Table Option 4 – $55.00 (One extra large 10′ x 2.5′ table, one chair)

Premium Table Option 5 – $55.00 (Standard 8′ table, one chair, plus several built in clothing racks)

Premium Table Option 6 – $65.00 (One extra large 10′ x 3.5′ table, one chair, plus additional floor space)


How can I rent a table at the sale?

Since our first sale in 2002, the Mom to Mom Sale has become a popular event and there is always a great demand for tables.  To make the registration process as fair as possible, we use an online registration system.  Table registration is now open.

Register for a Table Here


Attention business vendors:

Unfortunately, due to space limitations, we can not accommodate business vendors at this location.


What is the refund policy?

The Thornhill Mom to Mom Sale, is a fundraising event.  As such, we do not provide refunds on table rental fees.  However, should you be unable to participate in the sale, you are welcome to find a replacement, and your replacement can reimburse you directly.  Please ensure you inform the event organizer so that your replacement can receive important information and instructions prior to the sale.

What are the rental terms?

  1. Please ensure that items with safety regulations (i.e. car seats, cribs) are in good working order and meet current safety standards.  You, the direct seller, are solely responsible for reviewing the garage sale guidelines set out by the Government of Canada (http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/cps-spc/pubs/cons/garage-eng.php), as well as the latest recall list ( to ensure that your items meet these regulations.  The Thornhill Mom to Mom Sale, the event organizer and all volunteers will not be held responsible for goods sold that do not meet the above guidelines.
  2. Please limit the number of helpers on setup night to one person.
  3. On sale day, please park your car at Thornhill Secondary School next door. This will give our customers priority parking.
  4. Please ask customers to take large sold items to their cars immediately. Holding the item at your table creates unnecessary congestion in the aisles.
  5. At the completion of the sale, please do not leave unsold items at your table. All remaining items must go home with you, including empty boxes and garbage.
  6. Unless you are registered as a “business vendor”, please sell used merchandise only. The sale is not intended for new merchandise or services.  (The odd item with an original price tag is just fine!)
  7. Please remember that the sale is for baby and children’s items ONLY!

Can I be personally informed of future Mom to Mom Sales?

If you would like to receive personal notification, via email, of future sale dates, please join our mailing list.  We will happily send you a short email so that you can mark your calendars!

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